Telemedicine and its effects

Telemedicine and its effects

Telemedicine and its effects.

This paper is going dwell into telemedicine and its effects both positively and negatively. The paper will give a detailed introduction of what telemedicine is and how it is being implemented across various countries and hospitals.

The paper will then look at the communication behaviors between patients and doctors and the session medium. Through various research findings of this topic cited here, the paper will seek to dissect the implications of such a project to the regular patient.

The paper will then focus on the Importance of the Practitioner-Patient Relationship in Telemedicine where the account will focus on emerging trends in telemedicine and how they are changing the medical industry.

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in-person or over the telephone, or through two-way interactive video. Sessions that take place through two-way, interactive video sometimes serve as alternatives for in person encounters.

This is because participants in video sessions rarely meet face-to-face, it is critical that the effect of replacing video for in person interaction with health and medical professionals be well defined.

Telemedicine influence on the nature and content of practitioner-patient communication stems from both its technical aspects and interpersonal aspects. Technically, telemedicine may effect practitioner-patient communication through depersonalization of the practitioner-patient relationship, participatory enhancements and impediments, and sensory and non-verbal limitations.

Interpersonally, telemedicine may affect communication via social and professional distancing, third party participation, and underdeveloped norms and standards.


Agha Z, Roter DL, Schapira RM (2009). An evaluation of patient-physician communication style during telemedicine sessions. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 11, e36.

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