Teenage Smoking

Teenage Smoking

Teenage Smoking

Smoking rate among children and youth in the US has become a disturbing issue in the society more than adult smoking rate. The rate of smokers among teenagers has increased significantly over the past one decade. There are catastrophic conditions that arise from the use of tobacco increasing the cost of health care.

There are evidence based approaches that have been used to reduce smoking among teenagers in the aim of reducing health issues that arise from tobacco use and prevent the initiation of tobacco use (Hawkins, Catalano & Arthur, 2002, p. 967).

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Counter-marketing approach include paid the billboard, radio and television advertisement (Bauer, Johnson, Hopkins & Brooks, 2000, p. 726).

The outcome indicator of tobacco control program includes increased knowledge on the negative implications of tobacco use, change in the attitude tobacco in the effort of reducing tobacco use and initiation.  The variable to measure the effectiveness and the outcome is the proportion of teenagers who accurately remember media message that promote tobacco use (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2007, p. 5).

Bauer, U. E., Johnson, T. M., Hopkins, R. S., & Brooks, R. G. (2000). Changes in youth cigarette use and intentions following implementation of a tobacco control program: findings from the Florida Youth Tobacco Survey, 1998-2000. JAMA, 284(6), 723-728.

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