Teenage Smoking

Teenage Smoking

Teenage Smoking

Teenage smoking had become a serious health issue in the American society due to the increased number of young people engaging in the risky health behavior.  There are a several health complication issue resulting from cigarette smoking such as a decrease in physical fitness and increase in respiratory illnesses.  This paper seek to conduct a survey on the effectiveness of programs offered to teens in the society and the amount of information available to sensitize them on the effects of tobacco smoking.

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All the information provided during the research is regarded as confidential while the identity was not revealed for the purpose of promoting privacy. In addition, participants are mandated to sign an informed consent because the survey involves human subject and for the purpose of acknowledging the information was given without manipulation and out of free will (Childress, Meslin & Shapiro, 2005, p. 54).  The results reveal that there is adequate information that inform teenagers on the effects of smoking habits, but there are factors that encourage them to continue with smoking behaviors.


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