Teenage obesity

Teenage obesity

Teenage obesity

When there are excessive fats in the body, one is said to be obese. But obese and overweight are two different things. Overweight refers to having additional weight beyond the ordinary range while obesity occurs when fats accumulate in the body. It is a condition associated with problems such as heart attacks and other different types of cancer.  It was considered to affect only the adults but with reference to recent years, obesity among young people has increased. Obesity in children has become a distressing factor among parents in the U.S.

In fact, parents are more worried about obesity than they are, on matters concerning drugs. The fact that obesity cases continue to rise day by day among teens in America, it is crucial  to consider the factors that lead to obesity and how it can be dealt with. Teenage refers to the age between 13 years to 19 years. (Anderson, p.5).

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Obesity awareness programs should be organized all over America. They should be introduced in schools and  workplaces. The purpose of such programs in workplaces is to inform parents on how to control their teenage children on matters concerning obesity. Such programs provide a wider knowledge on issues related to healthy diets.

In schools, teenagers are taught on how to take charge of their lives. (James, p.5). They are introduced to simple steps on how to reduce technology addiction. They are also educated about the significance of physical education. A society that is aware of the problems associated with obesity will do anything possible to prevent it.

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