Technology classroom standards

Technology classroom standards

Technology classroom standards

Fast growing technology in this century has led to the incorporation of it in the education system. This is to ensure that the students in schools get knowledge about computers and technology as they study for the purposes of their practice. Most work done in the present has been simplified much computers hence the need to get the technical know-how on how to operate these machines.

Incorporation of technology courses and topics in the education system is a major step to enhance use of technology and its improvement by the students. As this is done, we are responsible for instilling certain standards that come hand in hand with the use of technology. This paper will discuss five crucial standards that we (educators) need to meet as we pass this knowledge to students.

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This ensures that the machines are in good condition and are capable of carrying out their duties as required. It also exhibits responsibility to the students and shows them that it is essential to maintain equipment. I will ensure that the equipment used in the classroom are frequently serviced and cleaned after a week of use.

All educators are supposed to follow this set of code of standards as they undertake their duties. They should ensure that integrity is met; y following its standards. Violation of this code of ethics should be reported to the respective authorities, so as to decide on the consequences/punishments to be applied. However, if the educators do not agree on certain standards set, they have the right to call for amendment of the policy, so as to rectify it to a more suitable clause.


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