Technology and Multiculturalism

Technology and Multiculturalism

Technology and Multiculturalism

Technology and Multiculturalism: The days of viewing technology merely as an improvement for the tutoring of students, an instrument for computational academic scholarship, or the means to the efficient operation of the institution are past. Today, information technology is becoming a mission-critical, central foundation to the future of higher education. Up until the past decades of the 20th century, progressive study in higher education usually mandated costly and time-consuming travel to distant libraries and research centers.

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Multiculturalism is a debate in which educators need to enter, and it will take all into reconsideration of concepts of culture, society, and identity. The coming together of technology and multiculturalism in edification is not an alternative; it is a reality, which people are yet to come into terms with (Trajkovski, 2006).

García, P. F. J. (2013). Multiculturalism in technology-based education: Case studies on ICT-supported approaches. Hershey PA: Information Science Reference.

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