Technology and Education

Technology and Education

Technology and Education

As technology finds its ways into all fields in life, may are finding it hard to accept technology full in the field of education. Like most new things, technology has its positive and negative aspects especially in the line of education. Critics however claim that its drawbacks outweigh its benefits. This paper seeks to discredit this claim.

It will illustrate this by showing how technology expands students’ collaboration skills, sense of community, reflection and questioning. It will also how that being able to communicate with peers from all corners of world is an invaluable benefit.

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Technology has facilitated education. It has made it possible to seek information from multiple sources in a small amount of time. It enables students develop a global community, it expands their ability to collaborate by enabling them discuss concepts from a distance. It is important to embrace technology, even in education but only to a certain degree.

Mangal, S. K., & Mangal, U. (2009). Essentials of Educational Technology. PHI Learning Pvt Ltd.

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