Technological Rationality

Technological Rationality

Technological Rationality

Rationality refers to is when a person becomes reasonable because of the available facts. Technological rationality therefore refers to how people tend to make decisions that are rational based on technology. It therefore means that people behave in a particular way because of the available technology. Technology has become a controlling force in the society.

It has therefore formed a basis of governing system in our society. Once technology is embraced in the society, changes are experienced as people’s ways of life are significantly transformed. (Leiss, 1972, p.31). If there are technologies in a particular society, it is believed that the society has advanced. The progression is measured depending on the available skills in terms of technology.

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A political propaganda is an act done by politicians again and again. Politicians always use the same old messages to win the votes from the people. The slogans have the same haunting lines from one election from to another. Yet, the culture industries try to present them as new.  Again, the media, such as television, radio and newspapers, are always aware of the manipulative nature of the politicians yet they are used by the same politicians to reach the public.

There is also the use of portraits of different people, mostly the celebrities. The media keeps on reprinting their past pictures even when there is a new story about them. In such cases, people are deceived because they are made to believe that the picture is still relevant on matters concerning the celebrity. (Girdwood, The Culture Industry).

Leiss, W. (1972). Technological Rationality: Marcuse and His CriticsI. Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 2(1), 31-42.

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