Team Engagement/Management

This article addresses a nonprofit organization FCA (Family and Children’s Association) its background, purpose, and its goals. The interviewer will contact the executive director to get his consent to be involved in on the project. The interviewer will prepare a questionnaire to determine the key team challenges experienced by the organization and will provide insights to how the organization plans to address the challenges.

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This paper discussed the value of developing a strategic plan for nonprofit organizations in the context of CQPI. It is possible that nonprofit organizations will be progressively challenged to offer effective services while competing with proprietary and public organizations for declining government funds. Since strategic planning in the nonprofit area must take shift direction from dynamic and varying environments, organizational leaders must come up strategies for keeping the organization focused on its mission and goals. Managers can use CQPI within the context of their strategic plan to endorse an organizational culture and common value system.

Blanchard, P. N. and Thacker J.W. (1998). Effective Training: Systems, Strategies and
Practices, Prentice Hall, New Jersey.

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