Taxanomic Categories

Taxanomic Categories

Taxanomic Categories.

Taxanomic Categories: Porifera phyla lacks organ and tissues. These organisms have an irregular symmetrical. They are multicellular organisms has pores and channels that allow water to flow through them.

This spongy organism does not have a digestive, nervous and circulatory system, they depend on a constant flow of water to obtain nutrients and oxygen and excretion of waste products. Porifera have unspecialized cells that capability of transforming to other forms of cells and constantly migrate between the mesophyll and the main cell layer.

These multicellular organisms lack cell walls and are able to produce sperms. The shape of the Porifera bodies is adopted for maximum absorption of nutrients and oxygen from the water flowing constantly .

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through the birth canal and need immediate care because the size is very small, fur less and blind (Bonet, 2013, p. 58). The newly born mammal known as Joey have a more developed front limbs than the rest of the body enabling them to climb up to the mothers nipple.

The Joey develops in the pouch and get nourishment from the mother’s milk. After the development the joey emerges from the pouch and spend time outside the pouch learning survival skills and feeding.

They return to the pouch to sleep and seek safety on the mother when danger threats.  Until another joey is born the joey continues to stay in the pouch as it depend on the mother for temperature regulation until the growth of fur on the body.


Bonet, S. (2013). Boar reproduction: Fundamentals and new biotechnological trends. Berlin: Springer.

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