Investigation done in the intelligence industry showed that news agencies were collecting too much information within a short period. There were people who were required to go through all those pieces of information, but it was proving to be hectic because every second that passes more information kept coming. The challenge of reading all the information was being felt not only by the intelligence forces, but the citizens as well.

During those times, information was being received in manual scripts, but with time news reporters and the spies could use computers and other electronic devices to analyze the information. The paper thus discusses how the access of information and its quantity can be a challenge to a society.

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Those who work in organizations also use the internet very much. Political groups also tend to use the internet as a plat from for debating the political issues. The increased use of internet affects social capital in different ways.  In relation to the three articles, it can be concluded that the information that is available in the internet can be beneficial if used in the right way and destructive if misused.

The freedom to use the internet has not been limited, but when groups such as the women activists decide to misuse the internet, they create the negativity of the internet as a tool of communication. Therefore, as information continues to increase, it is crucial for it to be handled in the right manner.

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