The society looks and thinks of celebrities as role models and those deserving to be emulated so as to achieve similar results and outcomes to them. The concept of role model begs for further clarity as well as debate however, a common factor with role models in the society is that most of them are considered as celebrities or possible famous, and they have the power to influence the society or individuals. However, clear distinctions need to be made in devising whether celebrities, as well as sportspersons, can be considered as mentors and thus positive role models for the healthy growth of the society.

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Role modeling largely focuses on how the model is perceived by the individuals concerned as well as the desired goals and mentoring focuses explicitly on the mentor assisting the individuals achieve their goals and hence sport figures or celebrities who are considered role models can be mentors. They assist the individuals with the success of their abilities and outcomes as well as the formal and informal programs.

Lyle, J. (2009). Sporting success, role models and participation: A policy related review. sportscotland.

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