SWOT Analysis of HR Practices of Coca Cola Company

SWOT Analysis of HR Practices of Coca Cola Company

SWOT Analysis of HR Practices of Coca Cola Company.

SWOT Analysis of HR Practices of Coca Cola Company: The Coca Cola Company is a company whose existence dates back to more than a hundred years. The company has its roots in the USA and has grown all over the world. Globalization has opened up many opportunities as well as threats for the company.

The Coca Cola Company is currently the leading beverage company in the world. The company is a cultural icon all over the world. However, culture is a volatile subject which can change any time especially during the technology age. The question here is whether The Coca Cola Company will maintain its lead.

The Coca Cola Company has a formidable task ahead in ensuring that the young generation market does not shift to another beverage not to mention the challenges of globalization the company faces.

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The HR department does not have to wait to lose popularity in other regions. The HR department must ensure that it looks at cultural opportunities to impact on the people wherever the Coca Cola Company exists. The Coca Cola Company has working structures and cultures at the moment as well as recruitment practices that address its needs.

The HR department has a unique opportunity of capitalizing on the above strengths to take advantage of cultural opportunities to remain relevant in global markets. However, there are threats of rapid cultural change and a few structural challenges. As a result of complexity that it has to overcome.


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