SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

McDonald’s corporation is the largest chain of fast food restaurants in the United States. The profit organization was started by Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1940. Currently, it is located in 119 countries and has 35000 outlets serving at least 68 million customers daily (Royle, 2004).

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McDonalds tries to be cost leaders through offering food at prices that cannot be matched to its competitors. Another important competitive advantage for the organization is speedy delivery of food. The organization’s vision is to be the world’s best fast food restaurant. Just like other organizations, McDonalds’ competitive advantages are what make it stand when compared to its competitors in the industry ( Harris, 2009).

Harris, P. S. (2009). None of Us is As Good As All of Us: How McDonald’s Prospers by Embracing Inclusion and Diversity. New Delhi: John Wiley & Sons.
Royle, T. (2004). Working for McDonald’s in Europe: The Unequal Struggle. London: Routledge.

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