Sustainable Methods for Agricultural Pest Control

Sustainable Methods for Agricultural Pest Control

Sustainable Methods for Agricultural Pest Control.

Sustainable Methods for Agricultural Pest Control: Sustainable agricultural methods ensure high yields without compromising natural ecosystems that productivity depends on.

Sustainability approaches allow farmers to interact with the nature resources and work efficiently with them instead of working against them. Sustainable pest control is an essential part of agriculture. Pest control is provided by natural pest predators and by use of chemicals.

Integrated Pest Management is an environmentally friendly way. The IPM approaches are concerned with food security. This approach ensures that pests are destroyed with the least negative effect on people, the environment and people.        

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This is the last stage of the IPM process. Once it’s inevitable that pest control is require and preventive methods are either unavailable or not effective then a proper control method is evaluate. Here the most effective and less risky pest control method is chosen.

Some of the pests have been know to exist for thousands of years while others are new. IPM is a means to control damages that are cause by pests and insects while causing no harm to the environment, people and property.

The starting point of this approach is learning about the interaction of pests and the environment and the life cycle of each pest. IPM can be use in both a non-agricultural and agricultural setting. It is considere to care for the planet and EPA aims to move all farmers towards this continuum.


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