Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development refers to growth that achieves the needs of the existing generations without compromising the capability of the prospective generations to meet their needs. It visualizes the future situation of the world in which people will live, and use of resources to continually satisfy the human needs, without damaging the integrity, permanence and beauty of the natural environment.

Sustainable development requires maintaining of equal balance in economic and social development, protecting the natural resources and preventing their collapse, decreased waste production and protection of the environment. The essay will explore the concept of sustainable development, its components and its importance.

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Environmental management is necessarily and can be achieved through; supervision of human consumption of resources, conservation, avoiding population of the resources and proper use of land.
Conclusively, sustainable development has assisted to shape community’s approach towards economic, social and environmental development. It motivates effective use of available resources in the world while conserving the natural resources for the future generations.

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