Sustainability in Japan

Sustainability in Japan

Sustainability in Japan

Sustainability in Japan: Japan is an island nation in eastern Asia. It is located near the Pacific Ocean to the east of Sea of Japan, North Korea, China, Russia and South Korea. The name ‘Japan’ was made from the character ‘sun-origin’. This is the reason japan is often referred to as the land of rising sun. Japan has the tenth largest population in the world with more than 126 million people. It comprises 6852 islands. The climate and geography of japan are reflected by the nine forest Eco-regions. The regions range from subtropical moist broadleaf forests in the Bonin Islands to mixed forests in the main islands and temperature coniferous forests in the cold and the northern islands with winter portions.

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Depending on foreign oil cannot be the optimum choice for the country. This will alter the balance of payment and destabilize the GDP of the economy. Instead, the country is still working on preventing adverse effects of climatic changes which could destabilize the economy. The government is working to curtail global emissions from greenhouse gases. Active research on capacity building for adaptation to climatic changes has been implemented by the government. Nevertheless, it should be never forgotten that the most important task for such a developed country like Japan is to control their emission of greenhouse gases. This will minimize global warming and eventually control the risks of climatic changes in the country. As a result, environmental sustainability will be achieved (Caballero, Hoshi, & Kashyap, 2010).

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