Surveillance and Privacy

Surveillance and Privacy

Surveillance and Privacy

Surveillance and Privacy;Purpose of study: Looking into the impact of surveillance on people’s privacy. Evaluating the significance of surveillance, how much it must be used and the boundaries which it must not cross into creating discomfort by invading the privacy on citizens.

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Invading a person’s private life without their consent should be considered a breach of privacy of rights. The society should also be informed that the government wants information with the main agenda of protecting them and where the authorities are well involved, they should be ready to provide all the necessary information.

Surveillance is crucial in society and the government cannot operate without it due to the need to counter issues such as crime and terrorism. However, this must not be used to exploit citizens even without their consents. They must be included in coming up with the boundaries of surveillance.

Westin, A. F. (1966). Science, Privacy, and Freedom: Issues and Proposals for the 1970’s. Part I- -The Current Impact of Surveillance on Privacy. Law Review, 1003-1050.

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