Supreme court in the wickard vs filburn case

Supreme court in the wickard vs filburn case

Supreme court in the wickard vs filburn case

Supreme court in the wickard vs filburn case:There are many administrations bodies that the world has adapted to make sure that mankind lives together in peace love and harmony. Different judiciary systems in the world are the best example of the administrative bodies that mankind has established to make sure that who do wrong in the society face the consequences of disturbing peace love and harmony.

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This case saw to the dramatic increase of federal powers when it comes to regulating economic activity in this country (Bellia, 2011). As of today, people still view this case as one of the most pernicious decisions to have ever been made by the Supreme Court of the United States. To understand this perception, we will revisit the events that lead to this case, and also the perception of the public towards this ruling. At the same time, this research paper will investigate whether the Supreme Court’s decision in this matter followed the spirit of federalism envisioned by the founding father of this nation or its interpretation of the commerce clause oversteps the limits of on the federal government envisioned by the founding fathers.

In my opinion, the Tenth Amendment should serve as a means to check federal expansion powers and leave local and statutory matters to their respective jurisdictions, but that can only be achieved if the Supreme Court stopped misinterpreting it.

Adams, B. C. (2000). States’ rights or citizens wronged: An examination of expansion of the eleventh amendment bar in recent Supreme Court decisions.

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