Support Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Support Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Support Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

The very word ‘cancer’ instigates a degree of fear, which ‘kidney failure’, ‘stroke’, or ‘heart attack’ do not and this means that the idea of cancer is quite horrifying. The Breast Cancer Fund and other organizations have strived to create goals of a proactive campaign.  It aims at increasing public involvement and awareness in issues of breast cancer.

Ideally, the aim of these initiatives is to replace fear of breast cancer with the need to provide and educate varying ways in which the public can participate in helping fight breast cancer among women. Additionally, there are numerous campaigns to encourage and support discussion about breast cancer. The larger society is aware and obsessed with breast cancer in women. In fact, many forums, campaigns and initiatives have been put in place to create attention to diagnosing and treat it.

Lately, the majority of people have come to terms with the notion that dealing with breast cancer is intricate among women as individuals and even as a community (Ferrell, 2003, p. 3).

Ideally, the society has come to a conclusion that the first and most imperative step to make is to demystify the female breast and learn wide-ranging ways of tackling it while focusing on the certainty.

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Other events such as the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month are recognized over the world by the media, governments, and cancer survivors.

Ferrell, B., Smith, S. L., Cullinane, C. A., & Melancon, C. (2003). Psychological well being and quality of life in ovarian cancer survivors. Cancer, 98(5), 1061-1071.

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