Supervisory Skills

Supervisory Skills

Supervisory Skills

The company aims at making better quality cars. For instance during this year, it will make the cars safer, by coming up with a new design of safety belts. The safety belt will be made of material that is more comfortable that will aim at giving comfort to the customers and still offer them protection.

The safety belts will be wider that is twice the size of the current safety belts and be padded with the sponge on the inside. To make the safety belts more attractive, they will have graphical images on them. The graphical images will vary in the type of cars they are installed. For family cars, children’s safety belts will be decorated will butterflies or any other attractive images to suit girls and robots and other masculine images ton suit the boy child.  Other images will include models, celebrities, nature, etc. There will be permanent stickers for those who want to customize their safety belts to ensure any customers satisfaction.

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They should also give employees motivation to work by empowering them and talking to them and giving them competitive challenges. They should also be fair in choosing the challenges for the employees and ensure the teams are balanced skill and strength wise. They should be good communicators so that we can curb the issue of miscommunications.

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