Supervision and Leadership

Supervision and Leadership

Supervision and Leadership

Supervision, management, and leadership are three closely related concepts. However, they have different meaning and implications. Supervision can simply be defined as the act of overseeing work being done by an individual or a group of people. Management is the process of linking resources so as to enable the accomplishment of a specific goal for an organization. Leadership is the act of influencing, working with, and working through individuals and groups to attain a common goal.

Several theories have been postulated to govern the processes of supervision, management, and leadership. This paper will give an insight look into the best practices discussed in the theories of supervision, management and leadership. It will also discuss the most appropriate ways for interpersonal communication and discipline.

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Several theories have been formed to explain the best leadership and management practices. However, even with these theories, there are some attributes which an individual must possess to be an effective leader. Attributes such as good communication skill, proper problem-solving skill, and being able to form and maintain a good relationship with the people are needed for one to be a good leader.

Every leader must understand his or her personal characters and traits and consider them while selecting the best leadership techniques. Selection of a proper leadership style and proper communication with the people, where a leader makes the people understand his or her leadership style, are key to ensure proper leadership. Poor leadership will always lead to retaliation and rebellion.

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