Summary of the book Language Shock by Michael Agar

Summary of the book Language Shock by Michael Agar

Summary of the book Language Shock by Michael Agar.

Summary of the book Language Shock by Michael Agar: The book Language Shock looks at how problematic communication can be in the current world where people move across countries often. It comes in to give people a guide on how to solve the misunderstanding problems that arise due to use of different linguistics.

The writer derives this ability from his experience in languages; as a lecturer, American researcher and consultant in India. He describes a map of languages and culture which he describes as languaculture.

The book explains that awareness of cultural differences can help people solve social conflicts arising from differences in their cultures. This is because culture is responsible for navigating people into the modern world that is multicultural.

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The book tries to convince them that language not only influences the way in which people think, but the way they feel, see and act as well, and from his experience with people of various world parts, understanding and taking people as they are is key to their good relations.

Agar goes out of his way to search for ethnographic rich points. These are the points in language where users have different usage of words, depending on whether the language is native to them or not.

It is here that he asks students for the meaning of the word schm; they give all different answers. Through this, he brings out the complexity of languages used among various societies in the world.

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