Summarize forensic psychological treatment literature from the last five years

Violent offenders are people who are charged with criminal charges for violence against another individual. Violent offenses include assault, wounding, homicide, kidnapping, armed robbery and sexual offences. Violent offenders have personality characteristics that are more psychopathology in nature (Conis & Delisi, 2011). They have high rates of hostility, depression, aggression and impulsivity which are measured using hospital assessment of personality and socialization (Beech & Davies, 2012).

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The government increased funding on the treatment of mentally ill nonviolent offenders (Davidson, Goldstein, & Carr, 2013). This is to ensure that nonviolent offenders who suffer from mental illnesses receive the treatment and supervision they require.

Barlow, D. H. (2014). Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders, Fifth Edition: A Step-By-
Step Treatment Manual. New Jersey: Guilford Publications.

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