Suicidal Behaviour within the African American Community

Suicidal Behaviour within the African American Community

Suicidal Behaviour within the African American Community

Suicide is the act of purposefully taking one’s own life and causing own death. It is usually an act one takes as a result of being in despair and lack of hope for the future in life. Despair in human beings is caused by mental illness such as depression, drug abuse, alcoholism, borderline personality disorder, or bipolar disorder. Other factors such as financial constraints and relationship problems are also great contributors to suicide. Early detection of signs that an individual might attempt suicide should be taken with great concern.

The detection that an individual has suicide thoughts of plans to commit suicide can be done with the help of looking into the behaviour or talks of the victim a concept known as suicide ideation. It is believed that there are varied rates of suicide attempts and completed suicide with the varied race, age, sex, and background in which an individual is brought up (Poussaint & Alexander, 2000, p.46).

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To cater for this loophole, the relevant authorities need to ensure all African-Americans have access to quality and affordable health care services. This way the ailing individuals will not undergo preventable pain. Also, they will not have the guilt due to being a burden to their family members and friends (Nadler, Malloy & Fisher, 2008, p.139).

It is clear that suicidal actions are so rampant among members of the African-American because of factors such as their economic condition, exposure to crime and violence, poor access to quality health services, and poor communication skills concerning suicide ideations. To counter these factors, families, learning institutions, and the relevant authorities can take to measures that will make every African-American understand the value of life and appreciate it.

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