Successful Advertising Campaign

Successful Advertising Campaign

Successful Advertising Campaign.

Successful Advertising Campaign: One of the successful adverts is the new anti-smoking campaign that was sponsored by the U.S Center for Disease Control. Most of the people in the U.S are familiar with the advert through the TV and or just streaming from the YouTube.

The video entails men and women who reveal their personal experience from the smoking either as the initial smokers or as second hand smoker and give tips to the young people who might be attracted and those who are starters to be aware of the side effects that result either in the short or long run through deterioration of the human health.

The most significant figure in the advert is Terrie, who create an infamous moment in the advert. The women advices both active and occasional smokers to keep a record their voice

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Markets should set objects that they want to accomplish before launching the campaign. For instance, the objective can be capturing 20 percent of market share in a given country or city.

It is clearly that the tip from former smokers was a successful adverting campaign in the United State which was contributed by the fact that the advert was well planned and the character used in the campaign were narrating real stories about their personal experience of smoking.

The Marketer should adopt the strategy that the CDC used in the promotion and in making the advert effective for the audience. Another round similar ad has been develope and is on schedule due to the impact on the American society which was a big success for the advert.


Late, M. (2013). CDC launches latest round of hard-hitting anti-smoking ad campaign. Nation’s   Health, 43(4), 9.

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