Substance Dualism

Substance Dualism

Substance Dualism

It is conceivable that we can exist without a body. Just as are all the existing creatures, we have bodies. However, distinct from the others, human beings have minds. We use our bodies to eat, drink, breath and do all other physical activities. Our minds, on the other hand, engage in thinking, perception, feeling, desire, understanding and also showing of emotions among other things that we cannot witness physically.

Contemporary science has depicted that what goes on in our bodies can be described in the physical sense, as the outcome of the many biochemical or electrochemical.

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To exist we just need to have a mind. It because the mind and the body is different properties. Descartes brings in the idea of indivisibility of the mind. Different from the body, we cannot split the mind into parts. One can lose a part of the body, but there are no parts of a kind to be lost (164). It is because we use our entire minds to think, doubt, will and other mental processes and not parts of it.

It is, therefore, conceivable that we can exist without the body if at all we have a mind and thought. According to Descartes, what is conceivable is possible and, therefore, this is key knowledge at proving the existence of life even after the death of our physical bodies.

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