Subculture Assigned Tattoos

Subculture Assigned Tattoos

Subculture Assigned Tattoos

Subculture Assigned Tattoos are made of individuals repelling certain expectations and values ascribed on them by the conventional society . These  individuals express their rebellion through their mannerisms, dress and altering their body appearance. As a result of their explicit opposition to the conventional norms, the society is afraid of these minority groups.

Consequently, such groups are frowned upon by the larger society and often relegated to the societal peripheries. This fear of these subcultures subsequently blinds the mainstream society from understanding what motivates the formation of these subcultures and why individuals partake in them.

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Tattoos is one such subculture, which despite its long history and popularity in societies around the globe, still has the ability to invoke feelings of rejection and disgust within the mainstream society. For a long time, tattoos were associated with societal outcasts including gang members, criminals and sailors.

Yet, there still exists a rift and mixed feelings among those who belong to the tattoo subculture and those who identify with mass society even though they have tattoos.  Upon this background, this paper seeks to understand the tattoo subculture by exploring the reasons as to why individuals get tattoos.

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