Stressed out in College

Stressed out in College

Stressed out in College

1. What was researcher’s primary research question or hypothesis of this study?
• The amount of stress would decrease in the treatment group as compared to control group.
• There would be a decrease in stress that would lead to increase in forgiveness that would eventually increase hope.
• Training undergraduates using the meditation method would help in reducing their stress
2. What happened to research participants in this study?

There were different reactions from different researches, these are;

Heaman research indicated that relaxation led to reduced anxiety. Other three researchers used cognitive behavioral techniques and intervention. The response from the participants according to Dekro from a six weeks training program observed..

……middle of paper…..

The research has also hypothesized some sources of meaning in life this may help in making informed career choices and also achieving emotional independence and building personal relationships.
This research has outlined the possibility of formulating constructive responses in situations.

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