Life presents a lot of issues and challenges. As human beings try to overcome and cope with the various life issues, they encounter stress. It’s unfortunate that no single person can claim immunity to stress.  All of us are susceptible to stress. I have faced a very stressing moment in the past few months. I’m very confident that this is one of the most stressing scenarios that I have ever had in my life.

At first, I started the last semester with a very severe respiratory infection. The disease affected me seriously and I could not frequent the classes.

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The worst happened when my husband moved out. I was so stressed, and I felt that my life was seriously in ruins. I depended on him since I had lost my job the same year. Bills were accumulating, and I completely lost hope. However, I concluded that I had a bright life ahead and for the well-being of my child I had to endure. I felt so lost, but I had no option but to stick there.

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