Strategy formulation and execution

Strategy formulation and execution

Strategy formulation and execution.

Strategy formulation and execution: SWOT analysis is a technique that is used by management to review a company’s strategic position. The technique is based on the belief that for a company to have an effective strategy, both the external and inernal business environments must be in harmony. A good strategic fit maximizes on strengths and opportunities and minimizes its threats and weaknesses.

Macy’s is one of the leading retailers of fashion apparel in the U.S.  The following is its SWOT analysis. My Macy’s localization is the current business strategy. The strategy involves tailoring products for the customers in the different stores owned by Macy’s.

In two years time, Macy’s will be able to grow earnings and sales, improve terns on capital and maximize shareholders income. To reach this goal, Macy’s must ensure that its products are cost effective both for the customers and them, deliver quality services and maintain a competitive advantage.

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Rivalry from subordinates is most often a result of poor leadership or conflict of interests. To prevent cases of resistance from subordinates, I would ensure that the subordinates are involve at all levels of decision making to prevent conflict of interest.

When considering a globalization, multi-domestic or trasnational strategy I would consider the following: The number of competitors in that region. I would also consider the entry barriers.

The flower shop should consider its present and future financial prospects. It is vital to consider business health. The flower company should consider if it has the funds to meet requirements needed for expansion.

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