Strategy for Career Transition

Strategy for Career Transition

Strategy for Career Transition

Strategy for Career Transition:Ideally, a good strategy for finding a better career is supposed to connect to one’s future using realistic and achievable objectives. Changing my career path means redefining my work identity. One of the most pressing questions I always ask myself is if I am doing what is right and best for me and should I consider changing direction? I am taking the leap to find renewed fulfillment as an auditor. I will confess that I have had an unfulfilling past as a banker in various banks including First National Bank, Weatherford, TX, Southwest Bank, Fort Worth, TX, First Financial Bank, Fort Worth, TX, and currently in Herring bank in Azle, TX. Despite the good notion that comes with change, at times it is not easy to change what you are accustomed. It takes dedication, commitment to plans and ambitions, and above all, dedication.

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Arguably, this is because changing a career means redefining the working identity. I have discovered that working my identity is not personality, but a matter of skill. I trust that with a positive mind and a vision to excel, I will become who I always wanted to be in life. However, this journey is a gradual process, which I believe will land me to the land I envision. I choose to remain focused regardless of what comes my way. It has been a long journey coming, but I am half way there. I will keep my dream of becoming a senior auditor in an international company alive.

Brazel, J. F., & Agoglia, C. P. (2007). An Examination of Auditor Planning Judgements in a Complex Accounting Information System Environment*. Contemporary Accounting Research, 24(4), 1059-1083.

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