Strategies in human resource management

Strategies in human resource management

Strategies in human resource management

Human resource management is a role given to a branch of an organization so as to enhance the performance of employees and enable it meet its set objectives. The human resource department deals with the management of people within an organization so as to ensure they operate in line with the policies of the organization. The human resources department has several tasks in an organization: recruiting of new employees, training and development of the company’s employees, performance appraisal, and dismissing employees.

Human resource also deals with regulating organizational practices that come with governmental laws. This paper will give an insight look into human resource practices used by Nestle Company to enable it achieve its goals as an organization.

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According to the Nestlé’s annual report, there is need for a HRM system that will be in line with its current strategic plan to remain competitive, become technologically modernized, improve their quality and quantity of their products, and improve performance of employees. The department of human resource must provide valuable and cost effective return on investment.

The HR department must also come up with ways to hire on the basis of knowledge, skill and attitude which are needed to perform duties that will lead to the upgrade of the organization (Dreher & Dougherty,2001, p.32). Nestle company must motivate employees by techniques such as performance appraisals and rewards to employees who show dedication in performing their tasks.

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