Strategic Marketing Process

Strategic Marketing Process

Strategic Marketing Process

Marketing process refer to the procedures that are developed to ensure that customers has a positive experience when purchasing and using services and product. Strategic marketing is a planning procedure that aims at establishing a clear direction and united goals for every marketing effort. It involves planning, development, documentation, implementation, and reviewing of systems to ensure that the fundamental marketing objective of offering the right product, presented in right quantity, at the right place and in acceptable time is met.

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After the company has launched a product in the market, marketing should focus on retain existing customers rather that getting new customers (Cravens & Piercy, 2008). Marketing mix creates customer loyalty because they are able to receive commodities conveniently. Customers are familiarized with the products and are assured that they can get them whenever needed. Where there is a right marketing mix, customers receive superior customer services, excellent quality, and other loyalty programs.

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