Stop and Frisk in New York City

Stop and Frisk in New York City

Stop and Frisk in New York City

Stop and Frisk in New York City law, is a technique used to prevent and reduce crime in the City of New York. The law allows police officers to stop on the basis of suspicion of engaging in criminal activities.

People are frisked by a police officer to whether he is subject to suspicion that they are armed and a threat to the security in the city since its approval in 1968 by the Supreme Court.

According to the New York Police Department, crime has decreased significantly because people involved in criminal activities fear being frisked and the consequences of breaking laws in the city. However, the law is surrounded by several controversies (Horowitz, 1976, p. 35).

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According to the NYPD and supporters of the stop and frisk law should continue citing several benefits which realized. First, supporters argue that the stop and frisk policy has reduced the rate of crime and murder in the New York City.

Police conduct random stop and frisk to different people in the city on the basis of suspicion, in several cases weapons such as guns have been recovered and several arrests have been made.

This has helped in reducing and preventing crime within the New York City. Secondly, people in the city fear that they might be suspected to police officers in the city in the stop and frisk program, forcing them to leave their at home and getting guns off the streets in the city.

The program assisted the police department in the city to control and reduce the number of guns in the street. In addition the policy has reduced cost that is associated with undertaking security measures in the police department in the city (Stoll, Raphael & Project Muse, 2009, p. 124).

The police department in New York should consider reviewing the policy to prevent cases of discrimination on racial basis. In addition, the NYPD should utilize technological advancements such as scans and street cameras to detect gunshots in the city rather to make the policy effective in controlling crime and murder rate within the city.

Horowitz, D. L. (1976). The courts and social policy. Washington:

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