Stereotype in Advertising

Stereotype in Advertising

Stereotype in Advertising.

Stereotype in Advertising: Stereotyping is classifying individuals as part of various groups within the society and assuming that individuals within certain groups have distinct personalities and qualities.

These qualities are supposed to be different from other people who create different groups. In simple words, stereotyping is the act of generalizing people based on mental capabilities and differences, traits, orientation and physical appearance.

People systemize their understanding of the world by simplifying and sorting any received information. They henceforth form cognitive schemes which represent reality by displaying its most fundamental and typical elements and properties.

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the existence and values of individuals and, therefore, adverts related to such ideas not only change the social values, but also promote behavioral change. Therefore, it is important for the companies to do more research and invent commercials which are less stereotypical as far occupation is concerned.

The feminist movements must fight very hard for gender equality. And this can be lost if the advertising media continue employing occupation stereotypes in their commercials. Several groups should start lobbying for advertisements banning in television that do not match the moral code of conduct.

Adverts base racial stereotype nature should not be on air for long in any region, in the whole world. A similar initiative should be advocate to ensure that sponsors and publishers dedicate their efforts in promoting equity, public. And assimilation policies as well as addressing issues that affect the society.


Grace, E. C (2006) African-American Stereotypes in Advertising and its Effects on Society,         Savannah State University

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