Stem Cells

Stem Cells

Stem Cells

The success made so far in the stem cell research is a clear indication that the research will improve lives the lives of many people. The biomedical and biotech industry have developed over the years due to the development of technology. Countries are adopting new technologies to enhance biomedical research.

Most developed countries have put up stem cell research centers. The research centers are supposed to ensure that countries do not only make science contributions but also benefit from the creation of more jobs and increase economic growth that will accrue from successful stem cell research (Potten, 1996).

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The embryonic stem cells have been tested on rats, and most of the have died from cancerous tumors. Studies have also shown that when embryonic stem cells are injected in human being can cause growth of strange items. For instance, the hair and teeth grow in places they are not supposed to.

Understanding the stem cells will be very useful in developing various treatments in the future. Stem cell is a key to finding various cures. Treatment of various diseases will reduce the economic burden and improve the quality of life. In addition, stem cell research is creating many jobs in the economy and reducing the economic burden considerably.

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