Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Resaerch paper

Stem Cell Research

Stem cells are cells, which are potentially remarkable with the ability to develop into diverse cell types in the early growth and life of the body (McLaren et. al. 130). Mostly, tissues tend to serve as a type of internal body repair system, with the replenishment of cells, considering that the body is still alive. In the situation of stem cell division, every new cell gets to have the prospective of remaining in a stem cell or even becoming another kind of cell. It may have a specialized purpose, like the red blood cell, muscle cell and even the brain cell.

Stem cells get to be eminent from other cells through two significant characteristics. They are cells, which are unspecialized, and capable of regenerating through cell division, if they undergo prolonged inactivity periods (Hyun et. al. 608).

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Stem cells research opens avenue to addressing burn Victims. It is with the consideration that the patients tend to endure pain and frustration resulting from healing challenges they go through (Magnus et. al. 1747). Therefore stem cells through research, gets to be used in the production of new healthy tissues.

The practice may be similar to therapies in use, through scientists getting to find and remove definite stem cells from a tissue. They then further trigger the cells to differentiate, before transplanting them to the patient as a measure to replace damaged tissues (Magnus et. al. 1747).

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