Starbucks Strategy

Starbucks Strategy

Starbucks Strategy

Starbucks, a United States-based multinational coffee roasting and retailing corporation, has had an outstanding predominance in the global coffee market for over two decades. The long-term success of this corporation, which is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is attributed to the company’s business strategy that was originally formulated and implemented by its long-reigning imperative chief executive officer, Howard Schultz. Schultz’s differentiation strategy, which has continued to evolve uncompromisingly, has been based on corporate image building, with product differentiation for global client satisfaction remaining a core norm.

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Starbucks business strategy is incessantly evolving under the corporation’s current unique leadership and management structure, and employee-centered corporate culture. This, together with the differentiation strategy, and the leveraging of information technology utilization, are strategically attributed to the corporation’s predominance in coffee roasting and retailing. This is characterized by premium coffee brands, reputable product mix, and supremacy in customer service, all of which helps Starbucks sustain a global competitive edge.

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