Stages of Disasters

Stages of Disasters

Stages of Disasters

Catastrophic events are unpredictable and with the increasing rate of occurrence of disasters in the country and world. Disaster should be thought of in four stages or phases that help in dealing with it once it occurs.Preparedness stage is the one that is preparing to handle an emergency. These are done by the rescue organizations and associations of local or state government..

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This phase involves activities that prevent an emergency, reduce the occurrence of an emergency and reduction of the damaging effects of unavoidable emergencies. Mitigation activities occur before and after a disaster occurs. They include buying fire insurance and food as well as other supplies that reduce the effects of the disaster.  The response include saving life, meeting basic human needs and protecting property. Public health officials, the government organization, weather department, emergency response units and agricultural surveillance are all relevant organizations for this stage (Pope, 2005).

FEMA. (2013). Reconsidering the Phases of Disaster. Retrieved May 4, 2014. Web.

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