Staffing Plan for a Growing Business

Staffing Plan for a Growing Business

Staffing Plan for a Growing Business

Staffing models are very important to any business, and this is because there a direct link between the organization’s strategy and the staffing models. Good staffing models enhance the strategic directions of the company and at the same enhance the productivity of the employees. In many cases, most business management complains about a lack of effect or less impact after a staffing model has been applied. Moreover, so do complain that there is no direct link between the organization’s strategic plan and the staffing models.

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Respecting means, to give the employees the freedom to feel free to express themselves in the business surrounding. Once this is provided, the productivity increases.
Rewarding the employees
In conclusion, one of the greatest for of motivation is compensation or rewarding. Therefore, it is very important that the business reward the hard working and committed employees, these gives them a self-satisfaction feeling, that they are important to the business and that the business values them (Russo, A. T. (2000).

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