SSH – Comparison (venafi vs CyberArk)

SSH keys (Secure Shell) are used when identifying oneself to a SSH server using challenge-response authentication and public-key cryptography. Compared to the traditional password authentication, SSH method is effective because one doesn’t require to send a password to the network. (Ylonen, 2006, p. 11). Both Venafi and CyberArk companies specialize in SSH keys. The paper seeks to look at both companies and compare the features and capabilities as far as SSH keys are concerned.

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Both Venafi and CyberArk companies produce SSH keys to ensure authorized access to accounts. To choose between the two requires a thorough consideration of their capabilities. In this case, CyberArk is more effective because, apart from the CyberArk Key Manager, it also has CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution.

Ylonen, T., & Lonvick, C. (2006). The secure shell (SSH) Authentication Protocol.
Wright, P. (2014). Privileged Access Control Methods. In Protecting Oracle Database 12c. Pp.153-164.

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