Sport Law

As a risk management planner for the indoor sport-specific training facility, it is important to construct a fairly risk management plan that will minimize the risk of injury, as well as the risk of financial loss. The components to be included in the risk management plan are;
Risk Identification- this would entail identifying all the potential risks that players or staffs are likely to face while in this sports facility (Carpenter, 2014). The risks to be identified include those that can potentially prevent training from taking place in the sports facility. This will enable the risk management planner to come up with strategies or methods that could be used to minimize the hazards.

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Sports organizations such as football clubs receive benefits by trademarking their logo or catchphrase. A catchphrase refers to an expression that is generally popularized by continuous use by people. For instance, the catchphrase “The Red Devils” belongs to a football club in Europe by the name Manchester United. This catchphrase provides the fans of this club with a point of unifying them which makes their followership to increase. The sports organizations can make a lot of money by selling goods like t-shirts with their logo and catchphrase to the fans. This is a significant way of raising funds for the clubs. Champion (2005) asserts that it is, therefore, important for sports organizations to protect their catchphrases from being used by other organizations. 
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