Speech and hearing impaired workers

Speech and hearing impaired workers

Speech and hearing impaired workers

Hearing and speech impaired workers encounter many workplace communication challenges including communication. This article focuses on documentation options for workers that are hearing and speech impaired.

The challenges that one may encounter in providing services to others will listed. Improvements to the current Human Services system for speech and hearing issues will be discussed and how those improvements improve quality of care for all.

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Speech-Language Pathologists may offer personal therapy for the person to help with speech production issues like stuttering. They may consult with the worker’s boss on ways in which the person might be accommodated in the workplace, or modifications that might be made in the work or instruction environment.

Speech-language pathologists (SLP) can create plans that cater to the personal needs of the patient. If speech is not realistic for a patient, the pathologist will make a decision upon an alternative and augmentative device or method to facilitate communication in the workplace.

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