Special Needs Kids

Special Needs Kids

Special Needs Kids

Special Needs Kids:In today’s world, all children regardless of their disability, ethnicity or ability are all equally important. They are seen as unique or special individuals, each with the right to an enjoyable, broad and inclusive education (Dash, 2006).

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From the above discussions, it is very clear that the inclusion of special needs children in the mainstream schools has more advantages than disadvantages. Some experts argue that special kids should be taught in special schools in order for them to receive specialized support and achieve educationally, they also claim that this can minimize the disruption of other children in the classroom (Jenkinson, 2012).

Dash, N. (2006). Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs. Atlantic Publishers & Dist.

Dhawan, M. L. (2005). Education Of Children With Special Needs. Gyan Publishing House.

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