Special Education to Prison Pipeline

Special Education to Prison Pipeline

Special Education to Prison Pipeline

The special education to prison pipeline is a plague that is afflicting schools all over the country. Many a times, they expel, suspend, or even apprehend students for small offenses. Additionally, statistics reveal that the system unreasonably aim at students of color and the ones with a past of poverty, abuse, learning disabilities or neglect. Thus, students who are compelled out of schooling for troublesome conduct are normally sent back to the source of their unhappiness and angst, which is their home surroundings or their proximities, normally having negative influence.

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In conclusion, we ought to put a finish to the punishing discourses of penal populism. It is vital that we refute the neoliberal and conservative policies that are continuing the development of prisons, whereas dismantling the prosperity state and causing mayhem on economically racially isolated and depressed communities. If we truly desire to have a democratic, pluralistic, and just society, we cannot be mute, nor can we be satisfied as youths are taken through the special education-to-prison pipeline.

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