Spanish conquering the Aztecs

Spanish conquering the Aztecs

Spanish conquering the Aztecs.

Spanish conquering the Aztecs: The Aztec empire was formed by those people who spoke the Nahuatl language, and they mostly dwelled in the Mesoamerica region. That was between the 14th and the 16th centuries.

These people were the most common ethnic group in the history of central Mexico. When the Spanish conquered these people’s political systems, it marked the most important victory of the Spanish colony in South America.

It started in 1518 when Governor Velazquez of the Spanish contingent in Cuba, sent Henan Cortes to the Mexican coast with an aim of initiating trade relations with the indigenous tribes that inhabited this region[1].

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of this city last only for eight months with the disease killing even the new Aztecs emperor, Cuitlahuac. The Aztecs still chose another emperor, Cuauhtémoc, who was the cousin to Montezuma II to lead them. However, the two cities finally fell on august 13th of 1521.

The Tlaxcalans warriors out of anger only spared a few of the inhabitants of these two cities, and they were banished to go and live in Tlateloclo.

Cortes had made a few diplomatic offers looking at preserving the city, but when the Aztecs turned him down, the fighting meant that by the time the war was over, it was already in ruins. Therefore, this meant that it had to be build afresh. As a result, Mexico city was build in Tenochtitlan place.


Green, Carl R. Cortés: Conquering the Powerful Aztec Empire. Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers, 2010.

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