Southern Cross by Christine Heyrman

Southern Cross by Christine Heyrman

Southern Cross by Christine Heyrman

Christine Heyrman Southern Cross offers a revisionist perspective to most of the notions people of America may have had regarding the development of evangelical Christianity in the southern region of United States of America. The modern view seems to maintain that the greatest awakening was so robust such that everyone in the south converted immediately to the so called the new light Christianity.

Protestant faith melded with the ideals of the modern republic, and the south had lagged behind in terms of intellectualism. According to the book the southern part had a politically conservative culture. According to Christine, Mamma and country were known as the normative basis for racism (Heyman 7).

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According to Christine, in order to win the south Christians had to first of win the hearts of men. Evangelicals accomplished this in various ways. They first ensured that female authority in churches is diminished. They also silenced women outcry of slavery. This made it possible to win the heart of men, and they expected women to follow suit (Heyman 143).

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