South Korea Position on China Sea dispute

South Korea Position on China Sea dispute

South Korea Position on China Sea dispute

South China Sea is not only a significant sea route with a vast fishing area, but it is also rich in natural gases. As a result of this, other sovereign states and islands claim to have a share in the South China Sea. Such countries include Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and Philippines. They all want to have a share in the South Sea for the purpose of navigation. Because of the dispute, the countries have decided to take positions on the South China Sea.

But before the country takes a position, it puts important factors into consideration.  Some have decided to merge against the aggressive China while others choose to remain neutral. China is willing to protect the South Sea from anyone outside who tries to interfere with the resource.

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Taiwan believes that China and other countries can work together and share the resources in order to avoid future conflicts. China also asserts that Taiwan is part of China and so; it is obligated to take China’s position that is to solve the disputes in an amicable manner without taking the issue to the international stage. In other words, Vietnam should act as an intermediary between China and the conflicting nations.

Again, South Korea’s position remains neutral as she waits to see whether the dispute will be settled peacefully. If South Korea declares to join Taiwan or China, she might lose her relations with the U.S. The U.S might respond by withdrawing its troops from South Korea.

Park, C. H. (1978). The south china sea disputes: Who owns the islands and the natural resources?. Ocean Development & International Law, 5(1), 27-59.

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