Sourcing Methods

Sourcing Methods

Sourcing Methods

When an organization seeks to develop a system that will benefit it and the workers, a few factors must be considered so as to develop or create a successful information system. Indeed, for decades there has been a debacle in choosing the better form of sourcing and various steps have been created so as to aid the firm in choosing the most suitable. In regards to choosing a better form of sourcing, analysts advice that choosing a particular method should be guided by the business strategy.

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Indeed, as stated earlier it is fundamental for a firm to clearly define its goals before choosing which option to pursue in sourcing. Indeed, in line with define goals it is crucial to outline each type of sourcing’s strength and weaknesses so as to choose the best option (Nagpal, P, 2008, p.23). Below is a table outlining various roles that are crucial while designing an information system and are rated from a scale of one to five with one exhibiting weakness and five illustrating strength of the type of sourcing.

Alvarez-Suescun, E. (2010). Combining transaction cost and resource-based insights to explain IT implementation outsourcing. Information Systems Frontiers, 12(5), 631-645.

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